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Pool - The pool is opened. If you see anything that needs addressed please contact a board member through the website. 

​4-way stop - There have been some complaints about people not stopping at the 4-way stop in the neighborhood.  The board has once again contacted the Police Department and they have been monitoring the stop.  The police reported that they have given citations because so many people are not making a complete stop.   The police will continue to monitor and ticket those who fail to stop. 


Trailers -  The board has been sending out violation notices for trailers or RVs parked in driveways or on the street.  Trailers are a nuisance and not allowed in the neighborhood. Please refer to section 7.14 of the unified covenants (available on the website) A trailer is allowed 3 consecutive days and no more than 6 days per month.  There have been multiple violations and fines have been issued to people for this violation.  Fines are not something the board likes to do but it is our duty to enforce the rules so that the neighborhood remains enjoyable for all residents.


If you notice any suspicious activity on a neighbor's property, do not be afraid to contact them or the police.  The Fort Wayne desk Sergeant's number is (260) 427-1222.


Thank you,


Your Woodland Lake Volunteer Board ​

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